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Mission Two

"Havok, are you okay?"
He looked down at Koroko as he stepped out of the dojo. "I'm fine,"
"But... Are you sure sir?" The pale Chimchar seemed concerned as she followed her leader through town.
"Positive... Why?"
"Well... Um... I shouldn't say..."
"And why would that be?" Havok picked up Koroko by the skin on her back and held her to eye level.
"Scar and Hawkeye made me promise to keep my mouth shut," Koroko held her hands up over her eyes.
"Damn it, listen to me. What are you talking about?" Havok put Koroko down and continued walking.
"Sir... You seem... agitated since our last mission..."
Havok turned to face Koroko a tad. "One of the Legion has Scarred me... I just want to rip some of their heads off... It's nothing personal..."
"We got a new mission!" Koroko immediately covered her mouth.
"We what!" Havok glared at Koroko.
"They made me promise! Please don't tell them!" Koroko fell at Havok's feet, begging.
Havok gripped his claws into fists. "And where are they now?"
"By now? They're probably on the edge of town,"
"They always were slow..." Havok took off, leaping onto a nearby roof, at near lightning speed.

"Alright, inventory check," announced Scar.
"We got four Oran Berries, and three Apples," called off Hawkeye.
"And three Joy Seed and three White Gummies," continued Scar as he licked his paws.
"Think we can handle this mission alone?" Hawkeye looked around. "Ain't there supposed to be four guys?"
"Shut your mouth!" roared Scar. "Of course we can beat them,"
"Besides..." Meteasle sounded serious. "Boss is hurt and it's not like we can count on the little one..."
"True..." Hawkeye shrugged. "So whose getting' the Joy seeds?"
Meteasle walked forward, ahead of the other two.
"I'm sorry! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" Koroko was running towards the three pokemon, worry painted across her face.
"Sorry?" started Hawkeye.
"For?" growled Scar.
Meteasle spun, rising his hands as Havok's heel crashed against his claws. "Boss..." He leaped back, eyes locked with the Blaziken. "Sir..."
Havok's eyes narrowed and he charged at the Sneasel. His fist met Meteasle's open palm time and time again, blows clashing between the two until Meteasle growled, and slammed his elbow against Havok's chest. Havok let out a pained snarl and faltered before falling to his knees.
"Sir!" exclaimed Koroko, Scar, and Hawkeye.
Meteasle turned away. "We were right in going alone,"
Havok looked up through the pain at Meteasle. "Damn it... Take me with you,"
Meteasle continued forward.
Scar and Koroko were already helping Havok up.
Havok pulled away from them and supported his own weight. "Hawkeye. Where do the enemies stand?"
"Three level thirty and one level forty-five, sir,"
Havok grunted. "You thought you could handle this without me?"
"Well... We thought we had to,"
"Koroko... Go wait at home,"
"Koroko!" Havok looked mean. "You're too weak,"
Koroko gulped and tried to hide tears. "Fine..." She scooped the joy seeds from Scar and swallowed them. "There!" A light flashed from Koroko and her flame grew a tad bigger.
"Did you just-" started Hawkeye.
"You little!" Scar pounced at Koroko, but before his jaw hit her Havok stood between them, his arm lodged down Scar's throat. "C'mon boss! Lemme eat the thing! Maybe I can still get the effects of the seeds,"
"Back down Scar,"
"... Sure thing boss..."
Havok pulled his hand out of Scar's mouth and started to walk away. "Come along Koroko,"
Koroko smiled and leaped onto Havok's shoulder.

"Are we there yet?"
"Piss off Hawkeye..."
"Immature twits,"

"Psyleaf Forest..." Meteasle bounded into the trees and disappeared among the leaves.
"I smell the smoke," Hawkeye took to the skies. "I'll go get a head start,"
Havok nodded in confirmation.
Scar followed Havok as they went into the forest. "Fire pokemon putting out a fire... Ironic,"
"Just stick to the mission..." Havok scanned the forest ahead and suddenly Koroko jumped off of his shoulder and ran  to the right."This way, boss,"
Sure enough when Havok and Scar followed they were hit with a thick cloud of black smoke.
Havok began to cough as a burning sensation hit his lungs. "This isn't normal fire..."
Scar grabbed Havok in his mouth and carried him through the smoke. "Hawkeye forgot to mention these are Dark Pokemon,"
Koroko landed back on Havok's shoulder. "Dark Pokemon? Well aren't we-"
"Koroko... Just give me a moment,"
"Sir, I can spot a Darumaka through the trees," Scar braced himself before letting out a deafening roar.
Hawkeye swooped down and even Meteasle showed up, appearing from seemingly nowhere.
Havok glanced at Hawkeye. "Did you get their positions?"
Hawkeye chuckled. "They're all right there." From here you can only see the one, but the other two Darumakas are facing away from him with their Darminatan in the middle of the three,"
Havok tilted his head. "Scar, Hawkeye, Meteasle. You three take out the Darumakas. Don't let them see you, and if you can't take them out in one strike, get them away from the Darminatan. Koroko, you're coming with me,"
"Havok..." Meteasle spook through clenched teeth.
"Relax... I have an idea,"
"Sir," Meteasle disappeared.

Flames billowed from the four pokemon destroying the forest. A gust of wind spread the fires farther, cries coming from the natural life of the forest. Darminatan smiled and let out another wave of fire.
"Destroy them all!"
"Si- Gagh!"
Darminatan growled and looked at his men, one missing. "What the?"
A loud roar emerged from in the forest, turning Darminatan's head.
Another Darumaka disappeared.
With another gust of wind the third Darumaka vanished.
"Show yourself!"
"Gladly!" A Chimchar leaped  onto the Darminatan's face. Fire erupted from Koroko's throat in little embers, burning into the Darminatan.
Koroko bounced back and side stepped out of the beast's blinded thrashing.
"Who has the balls!"
"I do..." A Blaziken's silhouette became clear through the fire as Havok stepped through.

Meteasle disappeared, only to show himself for a moment as he grabbed a Darumaka's face by his mouth, pulling him at blurring speed into the forest. "Do me a favor and don't make a sound," Meteasle was holding one of his claws to the Darumaka's throat. "See, you're unlucky... My boss pissed me off... now I'm set lose on you... So we're going to play a little game... I'm gonna torture you and you're going to stay quiet... Anything above a whisper and I kill you... Just stay quiet if you understand.
The Darumaka gulped, but managed to stay silent.
Meteasle's other claw dug into the Darumaka's back.

Scar let out a bellowing roar and as the Darminatan turned away he took off at full speed, tackling a Darumaka.
The creature struggled as Scar crushed him against the ground.
"Be silent child... I'm a professional... this won't hurt a bit,"
Scar's fangs closed towards the  Darumaka's throat.

Hawkeye took to the skies, hesitated a moment and then was off.
His wings rode a gust of wind, speeding him above the final Darumaka, with just enough accuracy to dig in his talons and pull him off of the ground and into a near by tree.
"They call me the team sniper cause I never miss my mark... but I prefer to make things personal. My name is Hawkeye... don't bother giving me yours, I shall just peck out your eyes and tear out your organs,"

Koroko climbed up Havok's leg and made her way to his shoulder. "Ready sir?"
Havok grunted. "Just follow my lead," Havok took off towards the Darminatan whom was opening his mouth and a swirl of fire was forming inside. As the fire raged out of his mouth Havok took to the air, flipping and planting his hand on the creature's head, using him to cartwheel over. "Ready Koroko?"
Koroko nodded silently.
Darminatan turned to face Havok, grappling with him.
Havok's feet started to dig into the ground and he chuckled. So you are as strong as your level would suggest.
The Darminatan bellowed out a laugh. "Let me guess... level thirty?"
The beast's breath almost made Havok puke, yet he managed to answer. "Level thirty-six... but that doesn't really matter... cause about right now a level ten should be,"
The Darminatan let out a snarl and feel limp, allowing Havok to lift him up and over, throwing him into a nearby tree. The tree cracked and gave out to the force of the Darminatan's weight, snapping like a twig. The Darminatan forced himself to his feet.
Koroko shook the flames away that had been dancing around her fist. "Right in the gut, sir," She smiled at Havok.
"Good work, but this fight isn't over," Havok jumped in front of Koroko, catching the beast's fist before it connected. "Watch out Koroko!"
The Darminatan's eyes met Havok's. "I'll rip you head off... and then your little friend will be dragged straight to master!"
Havok's talons dug into the Darminatan's arm and fire started to collect in his beak and red aura shone around him. "Threaten me... but don't threaten my team... now die," Fire erupted around Darminatan as he howled out in pain, falling limp on the ground, his body flickering with flames and laying still.

"Please God stop!"
Meteasle's eyes were cold... distant. "You lose,"

The Darumaka punched up at Scar, clipping his ear, a piece of it ripping off.
Scar looked down at him. "Poor guy... I hoped for more of a fight... guess you can't do much when taken by surprise," Lightning leaped from his fangs as they closed.

Hawkeye smiled and released his captive. "Go before I really kill you,"
The Darumaka turned to run.
"Loser..." Hawkeye's eyes went white and a beam shot from his beak through the Darumaka's chest.

Havok turned as Koroko hopped up onto his shoulder. "Let's go... I'm sure the others are through,"
A sudden force swept Havok off of his feet, tossing him across the ground, Koroko flying with him.
"Boss!" Koroko got to her feet and jumped on Havok a tad. "Boss get up!"
"I'm fine... Nothing hit me... Well except for a massive blast of wind," Havok looked back to find Darminatan back on his feet, his fist glowing and a limp, metal coated Sneasel was draped across his fist. "Meteasle!"
The Sneasel's yellow aura faded slowly and he slid off of the creatures fist into a heap on the ground.
Hawkeye and Scar landed on either side of Havok as Koroko returned to her perch on his shoulder.
Havok closed his eyes. "Ready Team Zakua?"
All three of the rest grunted in response and before Darminatan realized what happened they all disappeared.
Hawkeye's metal coated wing slammed against Darminatan and then he disappeared again.
Darminatan falter a step just before getting tackled by Scar. He grabbed Scar's throat with one hand and before Scar could retaliate he punched him in the snout time and time again. His fist ignited in a sudden blaze and then Havok's foot connected with Darminatan, causing him to release Scar.
Scar tried to stand, but his legs gave out and he fell to the ground.
Havok sprung into the air and as he fell he spun, crushing Darminatan with a roundhouse kick to the top of the skull.
Koroko toppled off of Havok's shoulder and Darminatan had already labeled her as his target. A ball of fire formed in his mouth.
Havok jumped at him, but Darminatan put up a single hand to block the flaming punch.
Hawkeye appeared beside Havok, his eyes white and a ball of energy in his beak.
"Move!" Koroko jumped in front of Hawkeye, glowing purple aura and fire surrounding her whole body.
Darminatan released his blast of fire into Koroko's chest.
Koroko held her position, blocking Hawkeye, yet the flames curled around Koroko' engulfing her and beating Hawkeye down in a fiery blaze.
Havok's foot connected with Darminatan's jaw.
Darminatan cackled. "You're all alone little bird,"
Havok grunted and dug his feet into the ground. "Go to hell..."
"Boss... You're not all alone," Koroko was on her feet, and unscathed.
"Tough little chimp..." Darminatan laughed as Koroko still jumped on Havok's shoulder.
"Ready?" Koroko's finger's twitched as fire leaped from them. "Yeah... I'm ready,"
Havok took off, his feet hitting Darminatan's chest, then jaw. He jumped back and went again, punching his open hand.
"Give up... We'll spare you,"
Havok charged at Darminatan, hit the ground sliding in between his legs and rose, kicking his heel into the back of Darminatan's neck.
Koroko was flung into the air as  Darminatan spun to grab Havok by the throat.
"Koroko! Ignore me and hit him with all ya got!"
Koroko's silhouette was outline with her purple aura and then the fire engulfed her right arm. Suddenly her left arm had sparks of lightning dancing around it and the fire and lightning swirled around her body. As a mere dark spot on the sun the purple, red, and yellow lights danced like they belonged to a gem. Koroko began to descend and before Darminatan could react fire and lightning ripped through his chest.
The force of the blows sent Havok spiraling into a tree.
"Havok!" Koroko bounded after Havok to check on him.
"Don't worry about me, Jewls..." Havok smiled. "I'm better off then the other,"
"J-Jewls?" Koroko looked confused, and somewhat concerned.
"I say it's a fitting name... You look like a Jewel when ya dance through the sky..."
Koroko smiled. "I like it sir!"
Havok smiled a bit. "Do me a favor and give those three an Oran Barry and then we gotta wait for them to wake up,"
"Yes sir," Jewls bounced away as Havok slumped into a sleeping heap.
I'll get special pics for each eventually xD
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pichusonic123 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
woah!! sweet team!! :D XD
James-BoredCreator Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
pichusonic123 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your so welcome!!
Maple-Cherry-Snow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
*after the team returns to the Guild*

Yuki: Everyone okay? I heard that you had a rough fight. Kokoro-- I mean Jewls... You did a great job! You've leveled up a lot. I think you should go to the Dojo and evolve.
You did an amazing job, team! ^^ Here are your rewards!
-Havok leveled up!
-Scar leveled up!
-Hawkeye leveled up!
-Meteasle leveled up!
-Jewls (Kokoro) is now level 15! She can evolve into Monferno!
-Team Zakua received 8,000 Poké!
-Team Zakua received 3 Pink Gummis!
-Team Zakua received 3 Joy Seeds!
-Team Zakua received 1 Psyleaf!
Yuki: That Psyleaf is special. It's a rare item that allows you to call Celebi to assist you on a mission. Just place it on the ground in front of you and call her name. She'll show up immediately to help you! However, it only has three petals. Each time you use it, a petal will fall off. After three uses, the Leaf will die. So only use it in emergencies!
Again, excellent work! You took a lot of hits... Please, go rest now, all of you.
James-BoredCreator Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Jewls: Thank you Yuki ^.^
Havok: Agreed
Maple-Cherry-Snow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
Yuki: Good day to you. I'll make sure everything stays in balance while you're resting. XD
James-BoredCreator Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Havok: Much appriciated
Jewls: *Hops on Havok's shoulder:
Havok: Ow ow ow!
Maple-Cherry-Snow Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2012
Yuki: I'll see you all soon! *leaves to go to my chambers*
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